Terms and Conditions


We provide advice on how to put a wetsuit on for the first time. Please STOP and READ these instructions at the bottom of this page BEFORE you try the wetsuit as these are delicate products that must be handled gently to avoid damage that will need to be paid for. Please note that it is important that you provide your accurate size and weight. We will try to advise you by e-mail if we consider you require a different size. If you are not used to triathlon wetsuits you may find them initially uncomfortably tight. However they do give once in the water. If you decide that your wetsuit is not the right size for you then you must CALL US before deciding whether to return the wetsuit please email us at contactus@mywetsuithire.co.uk or call us on 0207 183 5116 to discuss. If we agree that the size needs changing please use the ONLINE returns process within your online order. There is a Blue Returns button.

Take your time at least 15-20 minutes the first time. Don't try it on for the first time before your race – there is a high chance you may damage it if you are in a hurry.

TOP TIPS for putting a wetsuit on!

A wetsuit should be put on when you are dry. Nails should be cut & not sharp. Remove watches or Jewellery. Use plastic bags or a sock over the feet, and hands to help when putting it on. Avoid nail contact with the outer surface  - use finger tips! Pull legs on first as far as you can [the bottom of the wetsuit should be well up your calf]; then pull on the upper body of the suit. Triathlon specific wetsuits are fragile race equipment and require careful use. The suits are made to put on slowly, wearing socks, and taking enough time to get the suit on correctly. Take care not to "nick " or snag the surface of the suit with your fingernails. Race wetsuits are made to take off quickly when done correctly. Use a lubricant (e.g. Bodyglide but NEVER Vaseline as this destroys the neoprene.


All wetsuits are sent out by courier. All new and hire suits, when sent out have been checked for damage, prior to packing, and are therefore in perfect condition when they leave us. We do not hire out damaged wetsuits. The packing & Postage charge covers the cost of Picking, packing & Postage and insurance. Postage is by courier and requires someone to sign for the package, so we recommend that you specify your place of work unless someone is always at home. We cannot be responsible if you order last minute and there is no-one present to sign for the wetsuit. You will receive an e-mail advice the day the wetsuit leaves us, the wetsuit will arrive the following day. If there is no-one to sign a card will be left. It is your responsibility to contact the number on the card within 48 hours and advise when you will be available to receive the wetsuit. If the courier is unable to deliver and the wetsuit is returned to us, No refund can be given in these circumstances. 

Purchasing a Rented Wetsuit [TRY BEFORE YOU BUY]

Many who hire a wetsuit decide to keep it. We will deduct the rental fee [excluding any packing and delivery charges] from the discounted retail price of the wetsuit – so you don't pay twice and it is a great way to TRY before you BUY.

Wetsuit Size.

We ask for your height and weight when ordering your wetsuit. We do this because selecting the right size wetsuit is not straightforward. The sizing charts are different to interpret and some brands are too big others too small. With our experience we can help ensure that the wetsuit fits first time. If you think the wetsuit doesn’t fit, please ensure you have viewed the video “Putting on a wetsuit” , call us and if it’s wrong we will happily exchange the size for you.

“Putting On a Wetsuit” video

We recommend viewing of this video BEFORE you put your wetsuit on for the first time. It has some great tips and will ensure you don’t damage the wetsuit.


Returns Policy.

Please contact us BEFORE you return the wetsuit, watch the video above. If we agree the wetsuit is the wrong size we will happily replace with the right fitting wetsuit.

Faulty Wetsuit

If the wetsuit is faulty please contact us immediately for a replacement stating the issue and we will replace immediately.

Season Wetsuit Hire 

All Full Season hired wetsuits must be returned by 30 September.  If you have entered an event that finishes after this date please contact us before hiring your wetsuit and we can extend until after your event for a small charge. [£15 for most wetsuits; wetsuits with a RRP > £250 charge is £ 25; wetsuits with an RRP > 400 £40]

Wetsuits returned damaged or requiring cleaning.

Any damage however minor will reduce the value of a second hand wetsuit. We reserve the right to charge you for cleaning (£15), repair (£20 per nick) [for wetsuits with a RRP > £250 the charges will be £25; for wetsuits with a RRP > £400 the charges will be £40]. We will contact you before making any charge. If you notice any tears or rips please call us and we can discuss what the charges might be and discuss a balance price to purchase the wetsuit which may work out cheaper.

Returning Wetsuits

It is imperative that you receive a receipt for the return of your wetsuit. This is your proof of receipt by us. Should your wetsuit go missing and you do not have a proof of receipt you will be liable to pay for the wetsuit. You must retain this receipt for 12 months as we reconcile our missing wetsuits after the end of the season.

Quick Wetsuit Event Hire

To make booking a wetsuit easy we have a Quick book solution that is designed to be quick. Based upon your height and weight we will select a wetsuit freom our range [2XU, Blue Seventy, Mako or MyWetsuit]. The basic hire is for a two week event hire. You can add on extra weeks either before opr after your event. 

Branded Wetsuit

Event Hire Two week / Four Week Wetsuit Hire 
If you know what wetsuit brand you prefer to hire we offer a choice from 2XU Z1, Zone 3 Advance and Vision and Aspire, Blue Seventy Sprint, Mako eXperience] 

Some of you quite sensibly prefer to have the wetsuit several weeks before your event in order to get used to the wetsuit.

The suit is your responsibility. All hired wetsuits must be returned us by the Tuesday following the weekend of hire in a good & clean condition. A deposit will normally be taken, however if you decide to keep the wetsuit for a further week [or forget to return it to us by the Tuesday] we will charge an additional £25 [for wetsuits with a RRP > £250 the charges will be £40; for wetsuits with a RRP > £400 the charges will be £50]. per week [or part of a week] until the wetsuit has been returned.

Event Wet Suit Hire 

We will be attending a number of events during 2013. A list can be found on the web site. there will be no delivery charge if we attend your event. The suit is your responsibility. All hired wetsuits must be posted back to us after the event in clean and undamaged condition [We cannot accept wetsuits returned on the day of an event]. It is imperative that you receive a receipt for the return of your wetsuit. This is your proof of receipt. Should your wetsuit go missing and you do not have a proof of receipt you will be liable to pay for the wetsuit. You must retain this wetsuit for 12 months as we reconcile our missing wetsuits after the end of the season.

Cancelled Orders

It is possible to cancel a hire at any time until it has been shipped. If an order is cancelled there will be a £20 admin fee. If you try to cancel a wetsuit by rejecting the delivery, please be aware that this will incur a heavy penalty from the courier company that will be deducted from your deposit.

Refund Policy

Once the wetsuit has been despatched we cannot refund. If you cancel before the order has been despatched we can refund less a £20 administration charge.

Wetsuit unable to be delivered.

If you provided us with a mobile number, you will receive a text message when the wetsuit has been collected and a text on the morning of delivery giving the expected time of delivery. If you are not in we cannot accept a cancellation at this point, you will need to contact the courier to arrange re-delivery or collection.

Incorrect Address

If you enter an incomplete address we will be unable to refund you if the wetsuit is shipped but cant be delivered. If we incurr an additional charge from the courier you will be liable for that charge.

Change of Address

Any change of address needs to be changed by yourself online AND advise us by e-mail at least 3 days before the requested despatch date, to ensure we ship to the correct address. We are unable to accept change requests by e-mail alone. If the change is not received in time we will be unable to refund a wetsuit shipped to an incorrect address. Further if the courier returns the wetsuit to us undelivered there will be a charge from the courier company that will be charged back to you. If the wetsuit is delivered to the original address you are responsible for the cost of recovering the wetsuit and returning it to us at the end of the hire period.

Keeping Your Wetsuit

If you wish to keep your wetsuit at the end of the hire period simply notify us via email, quoting your name, wetsuit number and order number.

If you wish to return the wetsuit to us but have any difficulty in doing so within the timescales please contact us promptly via email or telephone. Otherwise we will charge for each week the wetsuit remains unreturned.

After four weeks we will assume you wish to purchase the wetsuit and charge your payment card with the balancing charge of the full retail price less the original hire charge, exzcluding any late charges or other fees.

E-Mail correspondence

Please ensure that you save contactus@mywetsuithire.co.uk and contactus@mytriathlon.co.uk as an Outlook contact to ensure that any important e-mails do not end up in Spam. Similarly to avoid any e-mails you send being received in our spam please follow up any important e-mails with a telephone call.


Terms updated 2nd March 2014